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Euroline ensures the optimum balance of performance and safety you would expect from an Original Equipment European manufacturer. With extensive research and development conducted in Germany Bremtec Euroline has been developed for the European driver who demands reliability and safety without compromising on performance.

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Bremtec Euroline and its unique Ceramic formulation ensures a smooth bite and a consistent firm pedal feel even under heavy braking. Furthermore due to the innovative formulation, Euroline Ceramic brake pads assist in reducing noise during braking and offers significantly less dust for cleaner wheels. When it comes to prestige vehicles demand the best, demand Bremtec Euroline.

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The key benefits of positive molding is that the press directs heat and pressure to each cavity separately to insure consistent compressibility when forming the brake pad.  Compressibility is a key factor in brake noise reduction.  The Friction formulations used in this process also requires less resin material, resulting in a more robust brake pad that resists heat fade for better performance.  By maintaining consistent friction compressibility Bremtec Euroline will operate quieter and have a better brake pedal feel.

All Bremtec Euroline brake pads undergo a scorching process that helps remove impurities in the friction formulation and helps the compound stay stable at higher temperatures ensuring operating consistency all through the brake pad life.

All EUROLINE brake pads come fitted with Shimlok TS Shims manufactured in the USA.

The unique manufacturing process, bonds a Titanium finish alloy to a thick layer of nitrile rubber elastomer, resulting in the shim interacting directly with both the caliper and backing plate.

This provides six times more active noise reduction than conventional metal shims and ensures exceptional thermal & vibration control in the brake pad through damping.

Bremtec Euroline Ceramic Extended 50,000 km / 3 Years Warranty Conditions and Terms

Bremtec Euroline 50,000km / 3 Years refers to whichever comes 1st, taking effect from the date and the odometer reading at time of installation.

The 50,000 km / 3 Years is also subject to the following terms/conditions and or exclusions.
Installation: New Euroline Geozinc rotors and Euroline Ceramic brake pads must be fitted together along with proper application of Bremtec ceramic brake paste, otherwise the warranty is void.

Bedding in Procedure: No warranty is applicable if the correct bedding-in procedure is not correctly followed. For detailed bedding-in procedure please view here.

Motor Sport: Euroline warranty does not extend to any form of motor sport activity.

Off Road: Euroline warranty does not extend to any vehicle which is used predominantly for off road purposes.

Application and Usage: No warranty is applicable if the brake pads are fitted/installed in any vehicle or for any purpose for which they were not specifically designed.

Date/Odometer Registration: It is the responsibility of the repairer to clearly document and record the date and odometer reading of the specific vehicle. Failure to do so will automatically void the warranty.

Region: Applicable in Australia and New Zealand and only applicable if the Euroline brake friction products are purchased through authorized Bremtec Stockists.

Validity: Bremtec retains the right to modify, change, amend or terminate this warranty without prior notice.