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Formulated with the latest Hybrid-Carbon technology to give you pure braking performance under all demanding challenges. Evolve will consistently perform giving you the braking tolerance you demand corner after corner.

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Evolve performance brake pads offer excellent initial cold bite stopping power and increased high resistance to brake fade in extreme conditions. The formulation offers exceptional pedal feel even after continued repeated hard stops and provides extended life for both the disc rotor and pad.

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All Bremtec Evolve brake pads are manufactured using Positive molding technology. This process has been adopted by many original equipment (O.E.) manufacturers. The key benefits of positive molding is that the press directs heat and pressure to each cavity separately to insure consistent compressibility when forming the brake pad.  Compressibility is a key factor in brake noise reduction.

All Bremtec Evolve brake pads undergo a scorching process that helps remove impurities in the friction formulation and helps the compound stay stable at higher temperatures ensuring operating consistency all through the brake pad life.

EVOLVE brake pads have been engineered to have a high initial cold bite and consistent flat torque curve over a higher temperature range.

Evolve boast a consistent friction coefficient (force of friction) range from 0.30µ - 0.41µ and reach a stable critical operating temperature at 550°C. This performance equates to consistently stable braking at higher temperatures without pedal fade.

This classified friction formula boasting Hybrid-Carbon technology ensures Evolve brake pads are your ideal choice when it comes to performance braking.