Introducing Bremtec Euro Line Bi-Metal Brake Disc Rotors, designed for prestige vehicle makes. These rotors not only feature OE internal vane design and Magna-Coating to minimise rust corrosion, but also offer a solid aluminum hat for reduced weight and a sleek European aesthetic.

Key Features include:
Improved Performance: The bi-metallic disc and solid aluminium hat provide a lighter and more efficient braking solution for reduced unsprung weight, improving handling and fuel consumption.
Durability: These rotors are designed to withstand heavy use to offer high resistance to cracking and an extended lifespan, reducing maintenance costs.
Heat Absorption: A bi-metal construction effectively dissipates heat by transferring it away from the braking surface to prevent deformation and brake failure.
Meticulous Manufacturing Process:
• The rotors undergo a hot treatment process that enhances consistent performance, providing reliability on the road
•  Automatic production system to ensure product consistency and precision.
•  Rigorous 100% inspection to guarantee quality
•  Magna-Coating provides rust-proof performance without causing disc deformation, thus improving durability and lifespan.
Enhance your customers’ braking performance with Bremtec Euro Line Bi-Metal Brake Disc Rotors and experience smoother and quieter braking experience for prestigious European vehicles.

Lighter, Quieter

and more Efficient Braking for

European Vehicles