Low Dust,

Cleaner Wheels,

Exceptional Braking

Pro-Line HD 4X friction is specifically formulated for increased stopping power and durability when towing, fully loaded or for drivers that demand an upgrade from Standard or OEM pads.
Our intense manufacturing processes guarantee Pro-Line HD 4X formulation has superior force braking characteristics, a higher resistance to brake fade and longer life reducing maintenance requirements.
Pro-Line HD 4X maintains consistent braking performance even under demanding conditions.

Less Copper, Better for the environment.

Over several years Bremtec Brakes have been working quietly in the background to reduce and eliminate copper in all their friction products, and as a result have been manufacturing high quality friction formulations to provide the ultimate braking solutions that cover all types of driving characteristics.

These characteristics represent cleaner, quieter braking, improved stopping performance and brake fade resistance, increased longevity while all along remaining environmentally friendly.
By proactively adopting environmentally sustainable practices in their manufacturing processes Bremtec Brakes drives innovation and creativity to ensure they stay ahead of their competition.
Pro-Line complies with ‘Zero-Copper’ requirement (>0.5% copper content by weight)

Cleaner Wheels
Less Dust
Longer Brake Life