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Stolz Calipers Luxury Design

Available in 4 Pot and 6 Pot Performance Upgrades

Our caliper body is made of aluminum alloys, and is optimally designed to keep a balance of force based on maximum stiffness. Forged aluminum alloys go through an ultraprecision machining and forming through the Machining Center Tooling System (MCT).

Stolz Calipers are designed to be lightweight and to be equipped with optimum durability using forged aluminum alloys. All of our part models have an elegant and slim design that is created by high-tech 3-D designs and precision processing, and it drastically brakes from the vehicle’s space limit.


Stolz Performance Rotors

Ultra Light Disc Rotors

Stolz have increased the contact area of their brake assembly by improving the structural limits of the lightweight disc rotor while durability is increased using forged materials. The contact area is designed to be 1.5 times larger, where the force is applied during braking, while maximizing the structural function of the disc rotor.

Stolz drilled disc rotors have an excellent heat dissipation, with low frictional heat,  delivered to the pad and the caliper whilst maintaining optimal performance.

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