The Dependable

Choice for

Daily Driving

Everyday Driving
TRADE-LINEĀ® CERAMIC+ brake pads offer significantly less dust, reduced brake pad and rotor wear.

Reliable Braking
In everyday road conditions, TRADE-LINEĀ® CERAMIC+ brake pads will offer consistent performance and good pedal feel.

Friction Characteristics

Trade-Line Friction Characteristics

Friction Coefficient

Bremtec Trade-Line brake pads are manufactured using a new advanced ceramic formulation. Using the SAE J2522 industry standard dyno testing Trade-Line had tested a higher Coefficient rating over our competitor.

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Longer Lasting Formula

Bremtec Trade-Line brake pads are manufactured to last longer. Our unique advanced formulation tested with less brake pad wear compared to our competition in a variety of different stopping conditions.

Percentage % Noisy Stops

Under different stopping conditions Trade-Line tested with a lower percentage of brake noise compared to our competition. Combined with our Polymer bed-in strip Bremtec Trade-Line offers even quieter braking performance.