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Trade-Line Ceramic brake pads are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are formulated with our unique ceramic matrix composites. The co-efficiency (brake bite) and heat range of these brake pads are specifically engineered for daily driving in passenger vehicles. Trade-Line brake pads offer the following characteristics:
1. Reduced Noise: Trade-Line brake pads produce less noise and squealing during braking, providing a quieter and more comfortable driving experience.
2. Enhanced Performance: They offer excellent stopping power and consistent braking performance
3. Durability: Trade-Line are known for their exceptional durability and longevity. They typically last longer than organic or semi-metallic brake pads, reducing the frequency of pad replacements.
4. Less Dust: Trade-Line generates significantly less brake dust compared to other types. This means cleaner wheels and reduced maintenance requirements.
5. Low Brake Fade: They have a higher resistance to brake fade, which occurs when the braking system loses effectiveness due to overheating.
6. Gentle on Rotors: Trade-Line brake pads are generally softer and gentler on rotors, causing less wear and extending the lifespan of the braking system.

Friction Characteristics

Less Copper, better for the environment
Over several years Bremtec Brakes have been working quietly in the background to reduce and eliminate copper in all their friction products, and as a result have been manufacturing high quality friction formulations to provide the ultimate braking solutions that cover all types of driving characteristics.

These characteristics represent cleaner, quieter braking, improved stopping performance and brake fade resistance, increased longevity while all along remaining environmentally friendly.

By proactively adopting environmentally sustainable practices in their manufacturing processes Bremtec Brakes drives innovation and creativity to ensure they stay ahead of their competition.
TRADE-LINE® CERAMIC+ brake pads complies with Level B minimum standards where heavy metals and materials are less than 0.1% (cadmium less than 0.01%) and copper content >5% by weight.

Trade-Line Friction Characteristics

Friction Coefficient

Bremtec Trade-Line brake pads are manufactured using a new advanced ceramic formulation. Using the SAE J2522 industry standard dyno testing Trade-Line had tested a higher Coefficient rating over our competitor.

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Longer Lasting Formula

Bremtec Trade-Line brake pads are manufactured to last longer. Our unique advanced formulation tested with less brake pad wear compared to our competition in a variety of different stopping conditions.

Percentage % Noisy Stops

Under different stopping conditions Trade-Line tested with a lower percentage of brake noise compared to our competition. Combined with our Polymer bed-in strip Bremtec Trade-Line offers even quieter braking performance.