Heavy Duty Performance

& Light Commercial

Low Dust, Cleaner Wheels, Superior Braking.
OE quality European brake pads delivering heavy duty performance and superior braking under load for European SUVs and Light Commercial makes.

Friction Characteristics

Heavy Duty Braking for European SUVs & 4WD

Cleaner Wheels
Less Dust
Longer Brake Life

Euro-Line High Grade Friction Characteristics

Superior Braking for European SUV & Light Commercial

High Ceramic component in advanced formulation
Bed in strip
Better wear and pedal feel
Heavy Duty Formulation for increased stopping power

Advanced Ceramic Formulation

Euroline is formulated with next generation ceramic technology to reduce brake noise, vibration and rotor wear while still offering greater performance with a high level of comfort and safety.

Advanced Noise Reduction

Six times more active noise reduction than conventional metal shims ensuring exceptional thermal & vibration control in the brake pad through damping. Shimlok T5 shims are coated in a titanium corrosion resistant finish.